Tips for Planning Your Exhibition Stand

Your exhibition stand must attract prospects and make an impact on visitors. Follow the below tips to achieve your exhibition goals.

Goals and Audience

Determine your goals and audience for the exhibition. What do you want your stand to achieve and what are your objectives for the exhibition?


When designing your exhibition stand, fully utilize the space that you have been allocated for at the exhibition.


One way to maximize space is by building up and adding height to your exhibition stand. This will increase your visibility and help you get noticed by visitors.


Materials used in the exhibition stand can effectively reflect your brand. Use different materials to enhance your marketing message.

Text Content

You will need to use content on your stand to communicate important messages, keep it as simple as possible and concise language to get your message across.


Graphics and visuals are very effective at communicating your message and are impactful at capturing prospects’ attention.

Interactive Activities

Including interactive elements makes your exhibition stand more engaging for audiences and enables them to really immerse themselves in your brand. Get creative with touch screens, VR headsets, videos, live product demonstrations, activities, and presentations to drive attention. Follow these tips for planning your exhibition stand to create a unique stand that stands out and attracts your audience, creates an impact, communicates your message, and achieves your marketing goals.


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